Summer Flashback: Our 90s-Inspired Window Display!

Hey there, design lovers! This summer, we're turning back the clock with our fab new window display, bringing the 90s back in style! 🌟

Colour Pops & 90s Vibes

Our display is a vibrant, fun throwback to the 90s, where bold colours and funky patterns ruled. The star of the show? Our handmade Olivia sofa in a gorgeous mustard yellow, crafted right in our workshop. It's all about those feel-good vibes!

Clarke & Clarke Magic

Big shoutout to Clarke & Clarke for their stunning fabrics! We scored just enough to deck out our display with eye-catching footstools and scatter cushions. Think geometric patterns, bright colours, and a whole lot of style.

Details that Wow

From the funky poufs to the multi-coloured cushions, every piece screams 90s chic. We’ve even added cool touches like a stylish mirror, a chic lamp, and a lush green plant to complete the look. It’s all about making your home pop with personality!

Why the 90s?

Because why not? The 90s were all about mixing it up and having fun with design. Ashley, Jemma, and Sam all grew up in the 90s, so this setup is a blast from the past for us—full of nostalgia and good vibes. Plus, current fashion is obsessed with the 90s era, making it the perfect way to add some retro flair to your modern space.

Come See Us!

Swing by our store and check out the display. Whether you're a 90s kid or just love bold design, we’ve got something for you. And if you're dreaming of custom pieces, our team is here to make it happen!

Let’s bring back the 90s—one colour pop at a time! 💥✨

Feel free to tweak it to match your store's personality even more!