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Curtain Measuring Guide

Getting the measurements for your new curtains is thankfully nice and easy.

You'll only need two measurements from your window for you to get the right curtains, those are the Width and the Drop.

Width: The Width is the length of the pole or track you have selected, as a rough guide this tends to overhang the edge of the window by about 10cm on each side but it's up to personal preference really. There are three main types of attachments to choose from and each one needs a slightly different measurement taken.

  • Curtain Pole: Measure the length of pole between the finial ends
  • Curtain track: Measure the full length of the track
  • Overlapping Track: Measure the full length of each track and add the widths all together.

Drop: The Drop is the vertical height of the curtain fabric; where it is measured from and to depends on what method of hanging you want. 

  • Pole and 3” tape: Measure from the bottom of the ornamental hanging rings, where they would meet the curtain, to your desired drop.
  • Rails: Measure from the top of the rail
  • Eyelet Heading: Measure from the top of the pole to the desired drop, then add 4cm to allow for the fabric that sits above the pole.
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